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Location of Operation Constantino

Operation Constantino was launched by the Federal Police of Brazil on March 11th to investigate public land invasions and illegal timber trafficking in the Brazilian state of Amazonas.

According to earlier investigations, a criminal organization worked with public servants from the INCRA institute of Amazonas to invade more than 9,000 hectares of public land – half of which was illegally logged and deforested.

Four arrest warrants and 22 search and seizure warrants were served in the cities of Rio Branco, Boca do Acre, and Manaus. Measures were also taken against farms in the municipalities of Lábrea and Boca do Acre.

See also: Civil case filed in the deforestation of 4,500ha in Lábrea

Location of Operation Constantino
Approximate location of land invasions and illegal logging under investigation in Amazonas. Source: Timber Risk Map

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