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Bundles of lumber representing illegal wood seized in Amazonas

According to the government of Amazonas, the state’s Environmental Police (BPAmb) seized 8,300 cubic meters of illegal wood between January 1st and October 2020.

Map of Amazonas where Police seized 8,300 cubic meters of illegal wood
The state of Amazonas, Brazil.

Just how much wood is that? That’s about equivalent to 415 containers of wood (assuming 20 cubic meters of wood per container).

Bundles of lumber representing illegal wood seized by Police in Amazonas
Bundles of lumber seized by BPAmb. Photo: PMAM

During the same period in 2019, BPAmb seized 679 cubic meters of wood. That means the volume of illegal wood seized by BPAmb increased 1122% in one year. Here’s what that looks like:

Volume of illegal wood seized by BPAmb in Amazonas (m3) – Jan-Sep 19 vs. 20

So what’s behind this giant jump? According to the Police, more inspections and their participation in law enforcement operations in southern Amazonas are the primary reasons for the increase.

1,500m3 of logs reportedly seized in Mapinguari National Park

Map of southern Amazons from the Timber Risk Map showing points where illegal risk events occurred.
Legal risk events in Southern Amazonas posted to the Timber Risk Map.

It’s worth noting, however, that this trend of large increases in illegal wood seizures is not limited to the state of Amazonas.

In one month alone, a volume equivalent to 700 truckloads of wood was seized throughout the Brazilian Amazon. In the first half of 2020, illegal wood seizures by the Federal Highway Police in Rondonia were up 787%. Mato Grosso saw an increase of 149%, and SEMAS in Para reported an increase of 41%.

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