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Almost 14,000 cubic meters of illegal wood were confiscated during the first phase of the law enforcement operation “Verde Brasil 2” launched by decree May 11 and ending June 10, 2020.

This equates to about 700 truckloads (on a 20m3/truckload basis) – far exceeding other recent major seizures of wood products anywhere.

For a visual representation of what this looks like, here are 700 truckloads…


On July 9th, President Bolsonaro extended Operation Verde Brasil 2 until November 6, 2020.

The operation is authorized for a land area covering 5 million square kilometers in the Amazon.

Many states in the Brazilian Amazon are experiencing significant increases in wood seizures compared to 2019.

Wood seizures by SEMAS in Pará are up at least 41%.  According to the PRF, Mato Grosso has seen a rise of 149%. And in Rondônia, seizures by the PRF have increased a massive 787%.

For a closer look at some of the individual instances of forest law enforcement, check out the Timber Risk-Map™ .


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