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Ipe U.S. imports down -31% YOY through May

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In the first five months of 2020, the United States imported just 13,338 cubic meters of Ipe lumber products compared to 19,407 m3 in the first five months of 2019 – a drop of -31.3%.

Ipe lumber product imports (U.S.) Jan-May (m3)

In 2019, Ipe accounted for 12.4% of the total U.S. tropical hardwood lumber imports (by volume).

Ipe's share of U.S. tropical hardwood lumber market in 2019 (m3) (1)

U.S. imports of tropical hardwood lumber down -39% YOY through May. Here’s how 2020 tropical hardwood imports look compared to previous 5-year average.

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