US imports of Brazilian softwood lumber nearly tripled in the last 5 years…


U.S. imports of softwood lumber from Brazil 2010-2019 (m3) (1)
Data: USDA


…but still only account for 1.5% of total US softwood lumber imports (14.7% excluding Canada).


Brazil's market share of U.S. softwood lumber import market by volume - 2019


About 1/3 of the softwood lumber that the U.S. consumes is imported…


US softwood lumber consumption _2018 vs imports 2019 (m3)


…most of which is from Canada (90%).

In 2019 the U.S. imported 34,069,175 cubic meters of softwood lumber (USDA). This is about 36.9% of what the U.S. consumes (which in 2018 was projected to be 92,300,000 cubic meters).

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