Ibama in forest

29 arrest warrants including former IBAMA superintendent and US$ 12.7 Million in timber company assets frozen as Brazil’s Federal Police launch Operation Archimedes 2.0

Updated 8:01 am EST 04/30/2019

In December of 2017, more than 400 containers of wood products were seized in Manaus, Brazil in an operation called “Operação Arquimedes”.

On Thursday April 25th, a new phase of Operation Archimedes was initiated by Brazil’s Federal Police in the states of Amazonas, Acre, Paraná, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Rondônia, Roraima, and São Paulo.

So far, law enforcement actions taken in this new phase of the operation include:

  • About US$ 12.7 Million in assets of timber companies have been frozen.
  • 23 arrest warrants, 6 temporary arrest warrants, and 109 search and seizure orders were issued.
  • 26 suspects were arrested in the municipality of Manaus.
  • A former IBAMA superintendent was arrested.
  • The former Director of IPAAM (Institute of Environmental Protection of Amazonas) was arrested.
  • One of the search and seizure warrants involved the Brazilian Forest Service in Brasilia which manages national forests in the country.
  • Documents referring to the management plans of two properties in Colniza and Aripuanã were seized in Mato Grosso’s environmental agency (SEMA).

The alleged crimes include:

  • Fraud in the DOF system
    • Specifically, fictitious forestry credits in the systems of commercialization and transport of forest products;
  • Documentary falsification in the processes of concession and inspection of PMFS; (Sustainable Forest Management Plan)
  • Illegal extraction and trade of wood;
  • Laundering;
  • Corruption
    • Specifically, corruption between state environmental agency officials, foresters, owners of management plans and owners of timber companies;
  • Constitution of criminal organization.

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Header photo: Vinícius Mendonça for IBAMA


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