6 reasons why the Timber Due Diligence Map™ should be step-one in your timber due diligence process

TIMBERCHECK’s Timber Due Diligence Map™ is a web-based application that allows you to quickly see legal risks near your wood product supply chains.

Here are six reasons to make it step-one in your timber due diligence process:

1. Know current risks

Certifications and audits are based on information that is already in the past. They don’t tell you about your current risk.

The Timber Due Diligence Map™ is updated daily with information about risk events in timber supply chains.

2. See patterns of risk at the local level

It’s true, certain forest areas are higher-risk than others. But labeling entire countries (or even smaller jurisdictions) as high-risk is rarely helpful, and worse, it robs good forest stewards in those places of incentive.

The Timber Due Diligence Map™  pinpoints the approximate location of risks and helps you see patterns of risk locally.

3. Understand HOW illegal timber is entering supply chains

The Timber Due Diligence Map™ helps you understand risk on a deeper level.

Each risk that is mapped includes a description of how the risk occurred, the types of products involved, the species, and when possible the forest origin of these products.

This gives you insight into how legal risk could enter into your supply chains so you can design more effective risk management strategies.

4. Set location-based alerts

How convenient would it be to receive an alert if a risk occurs near your supply chain? Now you can.

The Timber Due Diligence Map™ allows you to create your own customized location-based alert system. See how to set up alerts here.

5. Stay ahead of risk

The Timber Due Diligence Map™ includes hotspots – places where legal risks are likely to occur next.

This can help you stay ahead of risk and identify where to concentrate your risk management efforts.

6. It’s EASY!

Buying good wood is likely just one of the many concerns you have. Checking the map is a quick and easy way to help with this process.

Access the Timber Due Diligence Map™ here.

The Timber Due Diligence Map™ is a product of TIMBERCHECK™.

Built by wood buyers for wood buyers TIMBERCHECK™ does not receive funding from governments or NGOS. TIMBERCHECK™ is pro-forest and pro-wood. Join TIMBERCHECK™


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