timbercheck timber due diligence certificate of good standing

What do Certificates of Good Standing have to do with timber supply-chain risk-management?

One of the easiest ways to know whether your supplier is currently in compliance with local laws is to know the status of their Certificate of Good Standing. Likewise, monitoring this status is a good way to get an early warning of potential disruptions to your supply chain.

Although a company’s status can change for harmless reasons like an expiration, changes in a company’s standing can represent more significant threats to your supply chain such as delays in delivery times, legal liabilities, or no delivery at all.

TIMBERCHECK™ allows you to check the current status of a suppliers Certificate of Good Standing with just a few clicks. For certain locations, you can even automate daily monitoring of a company’s daily status. This lets you focus on your core business while you reduce your supply chain risk at the same time.

Built by timber traders for timber traders, TIMBERCHECK™ helps you stay informed of risks in your wood product supply chains. Join TIMBERCHECK™.


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