83m3 of Brazilian Rosewood taken off the market in Brazil

In an operation called “Do Re Mi” authorities in Brazil seized 20,804 violin bows made from allegedly illegal Pau-Brasil wood (Paubrasilia echinata).

The operation was conducted in the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, and Espírito Santo. Nine companies, traders, and exporters of the material were found to have irregularities and two of them were embargoed.

Also seized were 83 cubic meters of Jacarandá da Bahia wood (Dalbergia nigra), commonly known as “Brazilian Rosewood”. Both Pau-Brazil and Jacarandá da Bahia are highly valued tonewoods used in the manufacture of musical instruments.

The companies were fined for failing to have environmental licenses, for failing to comply with embargoes previously applied by IBAMA, and for the storage of wood with no legal origin.

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