TIMBERCHECK™ helps you buy good wood.


How does TIMBERCHECK™ do this?

TIMBERCHECK™ provides you with deep information about wood product supply-chains.



Founded by a former timber trader, TIMBERCHECK™ is a growing network of responsible wood buyers like you.


Why was TIMBERCHECK™ started?

Good timber companies create, and add value to forests, helping them remain competitive land-use options. TIMBERCHECK™ was started to help you support good timber companies.


What makes TIMBERCHECK™ unique?

TIMBERCHECK™ is unlike anything else…

  1. It’s built by wood buyers for wood buyers.
  2. It’s not another platform trying to sell you things with unproven claims of “legality”, “sustainability”, or other green-wash. TIMBERCHECK™ does not profit from transactions – your best interest, is our best interest.
  3. TIMBERCHECK™ does NOT receive income from governments or other political groups or NGOs. We work for you, not someone else.

Have other questions? We’d love to hear them!

Join TIMBERCHECK™ – TIMBERCHECK™ helps you buy good wood. Already a member? Login

Header photo: Lou Levit

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